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Partners and Team Members

    Greg Lavigne - Data Direction, Inc.

    Data Direction uses unique PC-based data entry software, which allows the use of large index look-up tables and performance of complex data validation tasks. They have scanning stations for image capture, storage and retrieval, and OCR processing.
    Data Direction has supported data reduction and imaging from manifests, accounting worksheets, bills of lading, and a variety of disposal tickets.

    Ed Dolikian - Sensible Solutions, Inc.

    Sensible Solutions supports database development in MS Access and Visual Basic for imbedded data entry controls and presentation tools.  He developed a system that assisted with the conversion of scanned documents into PDF format, organized them and provided an interface to quickly summarize, navigate, view, and print the documents.

    Arman Dolikian

    Provides computer hardware, software and technical support.   (248) 203-7073
9470 High Gate Drive, unit 2216, Sarasota, FL  34238