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Site Name: Operating Industries, Inc.
Type: Landfill, Superfund Site

    EPA ID: CAT080012024
    EPA Region 9
    City: Monterey Park
    County: Los Angeles
    Other Names: Monterey Park Landfill

Engagement: 1987 to 2000

Organized, QC'd and mediated first pass Group Challenge round for 200 parties and 100k manifests.

Mediated joint EPA / SC process for merger and correction of databases, final remedy consent decree, and joint Tier4 and deMinimis offers.

Continuing coordination and QC on process and deMinimis offers.

Omega Overhead

Site Name:Omega Chemical Corp.
Type: Solvent Recycler

    EPA ID: CAD042245001
    EPA Region 9
    City: Whittier
    County: Los Angeles

Engagement: 1994 to 2017

Prepared initial allocation using tape extract from CalDTSC mainframe.  Review, reconciliation and coordination for EPA merged database, deMinimis and recalcitrant litigation and settlement.   (248) 203-7073
9470 High Gate Drive, unit 2216, Sarasota, FL  34238