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Superfund Mediation and Allocation

The firm is engaged in the business of preparing cost allocation support databases, organizing the dispute resolution process, often called the challenge round, and facilitating the cost sharing arrangements necessary to support the cleanup of the site.  The methodology for the process is that endorsed and developed by EPA and accepted at trial as repeatable, verifiable and supporting the expert testimony sometimes required.

Types of sites:

    Large - 500+ acre landfills with 3,000+ parties and 600K pages of documentation in the initial phases.  Mixed industrial, process and municipal waste.

    Small - local town dump.  Small oil recycling facility bankruptcy.

    Federal - EPA managed.  Coordination and synchronization with EPA process and allocation databases for major and deMinimis offers.  Liaison for Group pursuit of recalcitrant parties. 

    State - State lead, coordination and liaison to facilitate group offers from reviewed allocation database.

Selected large sites

Expanded Site list


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